Saturday’s morning rain didn’t quite dampen the strong dedication and confidence led by 17-year-old Jimi-Carol Nottingham and her family as they all participated in a walk-a-thon event at Getzendaner Park.

The event was held in support of Sheaves for Christ, a fund-raising program of the general youth division of the United Pentecostal Church International that is geared toward helping troubled and abused kids.

Jimi-Carol and her two sisters, Kathrine and Laura, organized the event hoping for a better turnout in spite of the rain.

“Although no one showed up today, we are still proud of the girls because this walk is for a good cause,” said Tobie Nottingham, Jimi-Carol’s mother. “I think I counted about eight people, including their grandparents who traveled to be here today, their father, Bro. Leonard Harris and our neighbors.”

Hoping to reach their goal of $1,000 at the start of the fund-raiser in March, Jimi-Carol said she was very excited and pleased with the donations received.

“I’ve been walking all morning so I’m really not sure of how much money we’ve already raised,” Jimi-Carol said, noting her goal was to walk 15 laps. “But I was told it’s over $800, so I’m very pleased.”

According to Tobie, more than $800 was raised - not including the donations from people who donated a certain amount of dollars per estimated laps walked.

“A lot of businesses and individuals donated money and a lot of people just donated ‘x’ amount of dollars in general,” Tobie said, noting the deadline for all funds is Sept. 9. “We haven’t even counted that money yet so we may be well over our goal.”

This program is supported by Cornerstone UPC of Midlothian, where the Nottinghams are members and where Jimi-Carol and her sisters are members of the church’s youth group TRUTH — Teens Reaching Unto The Heaven.

“This fund-raiser is a good thing for such a worthy cause,” Harris said. “Sheaves for Christ does a lot for several organizations such as Tupelo Children’s Mansion, Lighthouse Ranch for Boys and others.”

This program also assists Spirit of Freedom Ministries as well as providing cars and other necessities for foreign missionaries.

According to the Web site, since Sheaves for Christ began in 1952, more than $90 million has been raised to help a variety of needs.

Although this was the first event led by Jimi-Carol, Tobie said her daughter is already making plans to organize another one for next year.

“She’s just very excited and proud of everyone so she wants to do it again next year,” Tobie said.

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