The Waxahachie Police Department has released additional information about a double shooting Friday morning that Police Chief Chuck Edge said is believed to be a murder-suicide.

Police were dispatched after a 911 call was received from a neighbor reporting shots had been fired at the house next door and the shooter was still inside.

“The shooter is the ex-boyfriend of the female,” Edge said. “He came to the house and the female opened the door and saw a gun. The current boyfriend was in there and he took the toddler to the back room.”

The current boyfriend then heard a gunshot and went back to the front, where he saw his girlfriend shot and got into “a quite physical fight” with the ex-boyfriend, Edge said.

“There was apparently a large struggle,” Edge said. “The actor tried to shoot the current boyfriend but the weapon malfunctioned. They then began a fight over the weapon and during that fight both were hit with the weapon, which was being used as a club.”

The current boyfriend managed to escape and run to the neighbor’s house, with the neighbor contacting police, Edge said.

“While they were at the neighbor’s, additional shots were heard, which are the shots officers were hearing (as they arrived),” Edge said.

Officers made entry into the residence and safely removed the toddler, who is about age 3, from the residence, Edge said, reporting no injuries to the child.

Officers then went further into the residence and found the ex-boyfriend and female deceased, he said.

The current boyfriend was transported to Baylor Medical Center at Waxahachie, where he was treated for his injuries, Edge said, saying the toddler was with the maternal grandmother.

The names of those involved have not been released pending notification of relatives. Edge said the ex-boyfriend and female were in their mid-20s, with the current boyfriend about age 22.

A 9mm semi-automatic handgun was recovered, he said.

The investigation is ongoing, with Edge noting that evidence at the scene is supportive of what the current boyfriend has told police.

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