Two men were taken into custody Monday after Department of Public Safety troopers located about 7 pounds of what is believed to be methamphetamine in their vehicle’s exhaust pipe.

A trooper had initiated a routine traffic stop on the vehicle, making contact with the driver and a passenger, according to an arrest affidavit filed with the case.

“During the roadside interview with the driver and the passenger of the vehicle, several indicators of criminal activity were observed (including) implausible travel plans and conflicting stories,” the affidavit reads.

The trooper received consent to search, with “an aftermarket compartment” located inside of the exhaust tunnel, according to the affidavit, which states nine bundles were recovered containing the alleged drug.

The two men were transported to Wayne McCollum Detention Center, where they were booked in on a first-degree felony charge of manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance, greater than or equal to 400 grams.

The affidavit identifies Rodrigo Cortes Aguilar, 21, as the vehicle driver, with Juan Ramon Guadalupe Caballero, 23, shown as the passenger. No bond was shown in the jail listing for Aguilar, with a $50,000 bond set for Caballero.

Methamphetamine has a current wholesale value of about $35,000-$40,000 per pound.

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