When the Ennis Noon Lions Club held its meeting last week, Bob Taylor thought he was going to see a Christmas-type program and visit with some friends. What he did not know about was the honor he was about to receive.

Taylor was awarded the Jack Wiech Fellowship, a distinction that honors the founder of the Texas Lions Camp and also provides funding for the operational expenses of the camp.

To be eligible for a fellowship, a Lions club or district can either contribute funds to the camp, with a minimum fellowship offer beginning at $1,000 and send the funds in a member’s name that the group wishes to become a member of the fellowship. The award was such a surprise for Taylor because an anonymous donor contributed to the camp and gave the fellowship in his honor.

“I was surprised and very honored by the award. I received a beautiful plaque and a pin for my vest that I will wear proudly. The person that donated toward the fellowship in my name does not want to be identified so it's even more special, I am honored that they thought of me for this fellowship,” Taylor said.

Taylor is a past president of the Noon Lions Club and has been involved in the group for the last 31 years having served in every office and has been the secretary/treasurer for the group since 1991.

“When we moved to Ennis in 1976 I was invited to attend the group and it seemed natural to me as the principal of the high school and a member of that Lions group that I join the other Lions group in town,” Taylor said.

The Lions Club provides many services to the community and Taylor can be found knee-deep in whatever is going on.

“My favorite things that we do are probably providing eye glasses to kids (and adults) that need them, sending kids to the Texas Lions Camp and being able to award scholarships to local students. We get to do many other very important things as well but being able to help kids is my favorite,” Taylor said.

Taylor was involved with the fund raising efforts that helped build Lions Park for the community and says that his involvement with the group will be a lifetime commitment.

“The motto for the Lions is ‘we serve’ and I believe that is what I'm supposed to do. I've been involved with the group for a long time and I plan to continue to be. I have enjoyed every minute of my time with the group and feel blessed to have been involved with so many great projects around town,” he said.

The Ennis Noon Lions group meets every Wednesday at the Ennis Country Club, 2905 Country Club Road.