AUSTIN (AP) Authorities are urging the mother and other family members of a newborn boy left on the porch of a Round Rock home to come forward.

The 1-day-old boy was in good condition at a hospital and was expected to be released by Saturday, said Chris Van Deusen, a spokesman with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

Police want to find the mother or a least a family member to obtain medical information that might be unknown to doctors, said Eric Poteet, a spokesman with Family and Protective Services.

"She could face charges of abandoning and endangering a child, but that's really low on our priority list," Poteet said of the mother. "Right now, we just need to find out who the mother is and if this baby needs any medication or further medical attention."

The baby was only a couple of hours old when he was left at a home in the South Creek neighborhood in Round Rock on Thursday. A neighbor told police he saw a black woman in her late teens, around 5 feet tall and about 120 pounds, walking in the neighborhood and carrying a baby around noon. The infant was found on the porch by the homeowners around 6:15 p.m, Poteet said.

The newborn had mild symptoms of exposure and was in good condition Friday at Dell Children's Medical Center, said hospital spokeswoman Adrienne Leyva.

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