WINCHESTER, Ky. (AP) - Two Kentucky siblings who recently made contact with their long-lost mother after five decades are hoping to travel to Texas to meet her.

Patricia Cuddy and Mike Daniels of Winchester last saw their mother, Nora Chaney, sometime in the early 1960s when both were young children.

"Even though we didn't see her in 50 years, I always thought about her," Daniels told The Winchester Sun.

They found her with help from a social worker in Texas who knew their mother. So far they've talked on the phone to Chaney, but the siblings are hoping for a reunion soon.

"It seems like it's a miracle. We didn't think we were going to find her, and then she just popped up," Cuddy said. "We couldn't believe it, she couldn't believe it, and we've just been trying to figure out ways we can get to her."

Their parents divorced when they were young, and Daniels said he has no memory of his parents ever living together. His earliest memories of Chaney are when they lived in Roswell, N.M.

Their father, Richard Daniels, was remarried and never permitted his children to speak of their mother. The two moved around the country with their two siblings and Daniels' seven stepchildren while working as an electrician.

Daniels said he longed to know his mother throughout his childhood. He and his sister moved to Kentucky as teenagers.

When their father died in 2006, Cuddy, Daniels and their two sisters began looking for Chaney, and learned that Chaney had decades ago moved to Texas, so they started placing ads in newspapers there.

"Dad passed away suddenly, and we didn't get anything out of him, and we were trying to locate her and find her wherever we could, check the papers down in Texas. We didn't have any leads," Cuddy said.

They found their mom's birth certificate, marriage and divorce papers but it took some help from a social worker who had met Chaney to bring the family together.

Ann Rose met Nora Chaney in Fort Worth, Texas, and promised to help Chaney find her children. Rose used Richard Daniels' death certificate to track down one of his stepdaughters in Ohio. That led her to Cuddy and Daniels.

"Mom was talking about us, and telling her about our story, and she said, 'If they're out there, I will find them,' and she was able to find us," Cuddy said.

So far they have only chatted with Chaney on the phone.

They've learned that Chaney has tried to find them, but the family's frequent moves made it difficult to track down.

"She kept saying, 'Don't believe I didn't love you, I just couldn't find you,'" Cuddy said.

They said Chaney's health is declining and she suffers from dementia, so they're hoping for a reunion soon, but said that they don't yet have the money to travel to Texas for a visit.

"That's been our problem, trying to figure out how to get there. ... We're making progress," Cuddy said.