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MISSOURI CITY, Texas (AP) - Wild hogs have been digging up yards and eating their way through an increasingly not-so-rural part of Missouri City.

Eliot Hinkle says he's seen as many as 30 to 40 feral hogs in a pack at night, calling it "the biggest problem I can remember having in 10 years."

Video shot this week by Houston television station KPRC shows one group of wild hogs, as many as a dozen, foraging in woods in the darkness.

Hinkle believes development has pushed wild hogs from their normal habitat.

Onken Dia says he was scared a pack of about 10 hogs was going to attack him. He says the pigs wrecked parts of his lawn, in stretches 3 feet wide.

Missouri City is about 15 miles southwest of Houston.

Information from: KPRC-TV,