SAN ANTONIO (AP) The Bexar County Jail failed its annual inspection for the sixth time in eight years, but authorities for the Texas Commission on Jail Standards say it's about average compared to other county jails.

The agency released its report Friday and cited the jail for noncompliance in a number of areas, including not annually testing all officers and inmates for tuberculosis, multiple maintenance-related issues and failure to document hourly visual checks of inmates by some jailers.

Adan Munoz, executive director of the commission, said the jail is somewhere in between other county jails.

Perry Hyden, president of the Deputy Sheriff's Association of Bexar County, says the county needs a new jail altogether. But Bexar County Facilities Division Manager Betty Bueche argues there's no need for a new jail.

The jail failed inspection despite sending more than 1,300 work orders to the Bexar County Facilities Division, Bueche said.

"We have a big jail, and there are a lot of problems," Chief Deputy Sheriff Rolando Tafolla said in Saturday's online edition of the San Antonio Express-News.

Tafolla served as interim sheriff nearly 18 months after the former sheriff was forced to resign. The new sheriff, Amadeo Ortiz, took over Jan. 1.

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