A 17-year-old Ferris High School student remains in custody at Wayne McCollum Detention Center on $100,000 in bonds relating to two felony charges.

Steve C. Pierot of Red Oak was arrested Feb. 24 on charges of conspiracy to commit capital murder and solicitation of a minor.

Both charges are first-degree felonies.

According to copies of the arrest affidavits obtained by the Daily Light, the two charges allege Pierot solicited classmates to kill his ex-girlfriend.

Ferris ISD officials notified Ferris ISD police on Feb. 22 that Pierot was in an assistant principal’s office, telling the principal he had made statements Feb. 18 to several students that he would like to kill his ex-girlfriend, according to the affidavits.

Pierot also told the principal that he had said he “would pay someone to kill her,” the affidavits read, indicating the 17-year-old gave a written statement to the principal.

Police spoke with the girl and her father, learning of a Feb. 18 incident in which Pierot allegedly hit her with a door while she was standing outside the school, according to the affidavits.

“She stated that she fell into a trash can and when the door hit her, Steve Pierot stated to her, ‘I’m gonna (expletive) kill you,’ ” the affidavit reads.

The affidavits also include details of the alleged conversations between Pierot and two students.

One student told police that  Pierot “never said he would like to kill (the ex-girlfriend) with his bare hands, he just said that he would Mazel Tov (sic) Cocktail her house and watch her burn or he would curb kick her teeth in,” according to the affidavits, which adds, “She stated that Steve does have a lot of anger issues though and he does take this out of proportion.

The other student told police that Pierot said he would pay her to kill his ex-girlfriend, according to the affidavits, which add, “She stated that Steve explained to her that all they would do to her was put her in the crazy house. She stated that she didn’t think he was telling the truth so she just blew it off.”

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