Phase II of the Lions Park development is well under way with the daily movement of dirt by giant dozers and other machinery and equipment.

The installation of new playground equipment, concrete paving of additional scenic pathways and landscaping is taking shape at the corner of South Hall and West Lampasas streets. City of Ennis employees have been working toward finalizing

$55,000 of park improvements. Those improvements are due for completion in about four weeks, readying a new playground area for Ennis community children.  

The first development phase of Lions Park included the pavilion, picnic tables, benches, turn-of-the-century lighted meandering pathways around the lake, lake improvements, scenic bridges and parking. Those improvements were funded during a prior budgetary period of the city, when the park opened in 2005.  

Since that time, Lions Park has become a popular community recreation facility for residents to utilize as they take advantage of the walking pathways and picnic areas and also rent the pavilion for private parties, meetings, family gatherings and social events. The playground has been available for children, although with a limited amount of equipment since the park opened.  

Under phase II, the primary emphasis is the expansion of the playground area by adding more equipment, additional meandering concrete pathways, landscaping and turn-of-the-century lighting, giving families easier access to the entire park area.  

“We feel these latest improvements will be a welcomed expansion to the recreational needs of our community,” City Manager Steve Howerton said.

Lions Park is part of a 15-acre tract that was purchased by the Ennis Host Lions Club and donated to the city to be used as a park for residents.  

The facility was dedicated as Lions Park in 2005, with the city taking over the land and its improvements. Since then, the city has continued to develop the land to its intended use for the enjoyment of the citizens of Ennis.     

“Our Parks and Recreation Department and city employees have done an outstanding job in the building and maintenance of Lions Park and we have every intention of keeping this park a viable part of the heritage of Ennis, Texas,” said Howerton, who continues to work closely with members of the Lions Club and their stewardship association with the park.