Who says getting caught red handed is a negative thing?

Red Oak ISD students caught doing positive things on campus will be rewarded with tickets for free scoop of ice cream and their favorite topping at Casey’s Frozen Custard.

Casey’s Frozen Custard owner David Krywalski has partnered with Chief Scott Lindsey the Red Oak ISD Police Department in an effort to encourage positive decision making by students.

“This will give Scott another tool to encourage kids to make positive decisions,” Krywalski said. “Red Oak’s changing really fast. We can all do something to keep it in a positive direction.”

Krywalski will provide 200 tickets to Lindsey and his staff to pass out to students throughout the year. When members of the Red Oak ISD Police Department witness students making positive decisions, students will receive a coupon.

“Scott’s officers will see them making responsible decisions and they will give them the coupon,” Krywalski said. “It’s really at the officers’ discretion.”

Krywalski and Lindsey explained that the students don’t have to do anything extraordinary - simply opening the door for a teacher or wearing a helmet to school could inspire an officer to reward a student with a ticket.

“We’re all about prevention, intervention and rewarding good. It was a wonderful thing to have a business come in and say they wanted to do this,” Lindsey said. “We’re excited. It’s reinforcing kind of what we’re trying to do through Project Success. These will be tickets we will enjoy giving.”

Krywalski is ready and willing to give more tickets to Lindsey for special events, or even if kids are exceptionally good and officers run out of tickets.

“I will always give more. I don’t have a problem with printing out a thousand of these,” Krywalski said.

Krywalski hopes his donation to the school will inspire other local businesses to become involved in encouraging positive decision making.

“If every business wanted to do something, it would change a lot of things,” Krywalski said. “Other businesses may see it and do their own.”

“It’s a big deal to us. It’s a neat thing to know that the community cares,” Lindsey said. “It’s going to be a good opportunity for us to get to know the kids making good decisions.”