“Math Rocks at the Shack” was the theme of family math night at Shackelford Elementary on Thursday.

The event offered a pizza dinner and 36 different math activities - including number recognition using addition and subtraction, “Find the Missing Number,” and bingo with counting, “Math Rock Star Bingo.”

The first of five sessions began at 6:15 p.m., with each session lasting 17 minutes. Students, along with their parents, siblings and special friends, made their way through the building, picking and choosing from the variety of different activities being offered in classrooms, the library and the music room. Most activities lasted one session in length, with other activities lasting two.

One two-session activity was “Elementary Engineers,” which was tower building with straws led by Waxahachie Global High engineering instructor April Moon and a group of WGH student volunteers.

Moon opened the session by asking the elementary students, “Who knows what engineering is?” She took answers and then led a discussion before introducing her students, who took the program from there.

Standing beside a miniature replica of the Taj Mahal, a WGH student asked the elementary students how many giraffes, standing one on top of the other, would it take to reach the height of the actual Taj Mahal. The student to guess the answer (12) or the closest number to the correct answer was given a candy prize.

The program continued in this way.

“How many times around the earth do the cables of the Golden Gate Bridge reach?” The answer is three.

“What weighs more, 86 elephants or the Eiffel Tower?” The Eiffel Tower weighs more.

“How many gallons of chocolate milk would it take to fill the Epcot Center?” Sixteen million gallons is the answer.

It was also pointed out that if Epcot Center were a golf ball, the golfer would have to be one-mile tall.

Following the presentation, students were each given 25 straws and 3 feet of masking tape to build either the tallest or sturdiest (weight-bearing) object, with a prize awarded in each category.

The event was sponsored by the Waxahachie Junior Service League and the school library.

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