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Student registration at Waxahachie Junior High School began Wednesday for seventh-grade students and ended Thursday for eighth-grade students, with parents, students and faculty/staff calling it a “smooth process.”

According to eighth-grade assistant principal, Melissa Mayner, a strong effort by the office staff is what accounted for the two fairly relaxed days.

“We had registration for the seventh-grade students yesterday and we concluded today for eighth-grade students’ registration,” Mayner said. “So far, everything has run smoothly. Yesterday’s registration went well, but without the help of our office staff, things would’ve been a little hectic. All the detailed information that is processed before these two days is what made the registration process work so smoothly. We had counselors set up on stage to answers questions parents or students may have regarding their schedules.”

Eighth-grade counselor Martha Cunningham explained the registration process.

“Students were given registration forms to complete in April and changes were made if any students were enrolled in any advanced class, failed their TAKS test or failed any class that were tryouts,” Cunningham said. “There were just changes made over the summer. As far as the registration process, things went great.”

Signs and posters were hung throughout the halls of the school to guide parents and students in the right direction.

“We posted signs to help parents know which line to get in to turn in paperwork and which line to receive schedules,” registrar Donna Kruger said. “We divided lines in alphabetical order so it would be easier for parents to identify where they needed to be. On an average, we would have 60 to 70 people come through the lines but hopefully by the time school starts, we’ll have a good working schedule for the year.

“About 75 to 80 of our kids that have been here before came through today,” she said. “We’ve also had about 90 percent of positive feedback from parents, so everything went smooth. Our kids are also very excited to know which of their friends are in the same class as they are. So everyone is just anxious and excited.”

Parents seemed pleased with the process.

“I have come and got through this registration process really quick with the help of the signs to let everyone know where to go,” parent Yolanda Waters said. “Whatever the staff did to make this process comfortable, they need to keep it up. It also helps to have everything you need on hand.”

“Everything was very easy going and the staff was very helpful in providing information,” parent Amanda Rushton said. “Registration was easy last year too and because my son was here, it makes it even easier for him this year.”

“We just got here but from the looks of it, everything is running smooth,” parent Kim Pollan said. “I’d already had my son’s paperwork together so we were just able to walk in and get it done.”

Along with registration, students were looking forward to rekindling old friendships and new class experiences.

“I was really enthused about coming to register, although I thought I was going to receive better classes than I have,” eighth-grader Ashley Sargent said.

“I’m looking forward to band and the new Spanish class because we didn’t have that last year,” eighth-grader Alex Rushton said. “I received every class I wanted so I’m pleased about that too.”

“I’m looking forward to tech ed II and playing football this year,” eighth-grader Dalton Pollan said.

During the process, students presented an enrollment form with updated home addresses, updated phone numbers, parents/guardians, emergency contact information, medical forms and proof of residency in order to receive class schedules.

An orange form indicated proof of residency, a blue form indicated the health form and shot records and the pink one was for front office use.

“We color coded the forms for security purposes of our students and our office to have on file just in case we’re needing to review their cumulative folder, which is student’s information kept on file year after year,” Kruger said. “All of the forms must be updated each year. Other forms kept on file are the transportation (bus) forms and PIE volunteer application forms.”

WJHS begins school Monday, Aug. 27 and is under the new direction of principal Ryder Appleton.

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