Red Oak ISD board members met Monday night, recognizing several high school athletes for their outstanding athletic achievements during the year.

Athletic Director Mike Burns presented certificates to members of the senior football team, senior volleyball team, senior cross-country team and All-District football and volleyball teams.

“This is the 17th year in a row that our senior volleyball team has gone undefeated in district,” Burns said, noting that both the volleyball and football coaching staff were recognized as 15-4A Coaching Staff of the Year.

“This has been an incredible fall and we’d left the trail. Now it’s time for the class of 2009 to pick that up and take us to greater heights in the future,” Burns added.

Also recognized were the senior student trainers and agriculture school day.

In other news, the board held an open forum where Corgan Schools’ vice president Susan Smith presented a review over the new high school elevations, with Superintendent of Schools, Scott Niven requesting approval in January.

“We will continue to develop the plan but we just wanted to give you an overview,” Smith said, with Niven adding, “We will come back for the design development phase approval in January because we still want to tweak it a little bit. But if you’re comfortable with the look of the elevations, you will see the package in January and the actual approval item.”

Without hesitation, good comments came from the board as board president John Hawkins stated, “I like it very much and it looks like we’re headed in the right direction.”

Board members were recognized for completing above and beyond their training hours.

John Anderson completed 13.5 hours, Lynne Grandstaff completed 15.75 hours, John Hawkins completed 18.5 hours, Henry Lozano completed 11.25 hours, Dr. Mark Stanfill completed 18 hours, Brent Stanford completed 11.25 hours and Barbara Vogler completed 16.75 hours.

Niven reviewed the strategic planning update in the superintendent’s report, which also included a safety presentation by Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operation John Humphrey.

Humphrey gave a presentation based on feedback from the campus strategic planning sessions and experienced observation. The presentation included an overview of five major components: technology, door/lock security, security alarms, surveillance/camera systems and facility usage policy.

The presentation also included a projected budget and funding source. The administration will bring back an official recommendation for approval in a subsequent board meeting.

Assistant superintendent for school improvement and campus operation, Russ Schupmann and Red Oak High School principal Bobby Stults, presented the 2008-09-schedule discussion.

They gave a PowerPoint presentation for high school scheduling to include an eight-period day and possibilities of dual credit courses and new course offerings.

“There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes,” Niven said. “We are preparing for the curriculum audit, which will be Jan. 29 through Jan. 31. We are in the process of preparing for it and we are also working on scheduling in the schools and finalizing the strategic plan. We hope to bring that back to you in January for approval.”

The board also approved:

• minutes from previous meetings

• payment of current bills

• consent budget amendment

• updated contract for land purchase of Shields Elementary

• new Shields Elementary construction contract

• 2008-2009 high school courses

Also, Marissa Leuty’s retirement reception will be held at 3 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 20 at the administration building.

ROISD board meetings are held at 7 p.m., the third Monday of each month.

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