Waxahachie police are investigating a recent scam that led to the robbery of a local resident.

The incident occurred last week, with the 42-year-old male victim initially approached in the Lowe’s parking lot by an individual claiming to have a large sum of money he needed to do something with.

The scam is referred to as a “pigeon drop,” Guthrie said, saying a suspect will tell the victim he or she isn’t able to do anything with the money without help of some kind.

The suspect goes on to tell the victim he or she can share in the bounty, but he or she must first produce some of his or her own money as an act of good faith.

In this case, the suspect told the victim he had found the money but was unable to take it back with him to his native Africa. The suspect said he was trying to give some of it to a church near H-E-B, at which time the victim drove the suspect to that area, where a second suspect became involved.

“They saw another male (the second suspect) and asked if he knew where the church was. … Of course, the second man knows the whole story. He’s part of the scam but he pretends he doesn’t know what’s going on,” Guthrie said, saying the victim was then enticed to go to his bank and withdrew some of his own money as proof of his “worthiness.”

The three men had agreed to meet up at the Wal-Mart parking lot to discuss how they would divide up the original money, but when they did, the victim was assaulted and robbed by the two men after he showed them his money.

The victim, who was struck in the face, was able to report the offense to an officer he saw working an accident in the Home Depot parking lot.

“We searched the area, of course, but couldn’t find anything,” Guthrie said, saying the two men fled the area on foot after the assault, with the victim never seeing a vehicle.

The two suspects are described as black males, with one in his 30s and wearing slacks and an untucked shirt. The man carried a blue moneybag and presented with a strong African accent. The other is described as skinny and in his 40s or 50s.

Police are checking store and bank videos to see what images are available to help identify the suspects, Guthrie said.

Anyone with any information or who may have seen the suspects is asked to contact the Waxahachie Police Department’s criminal investigation division at (972) 937-9940.

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