DALLAS – The weather is changing and Dallas Water Utilities is urging customers to adjust outdoor watering practices to fit the season.

Shorter days and cooler temperatures mean less water is needed to maintain landscapes.

Additionally, saving water now will lower bills throughout the year.

Because DWU doesn’t meter wastewater, sewer rates are estimated by customers’ average water use during the months of December, January, February and March.

Thus, lower water usage during these months results in a lower sewage charges all year long.

It is easy to scale back water usage during the winter since landscape watering needs are significantly lower.

Below are some helpful tips for saving water and money:

• Add mulch on the soil around your plants so you do not have to water as often, this also gives plants better protection from freezes

• For warm season grasses, such as Bermuda grass and St. Augustine, apply one-half to one inch of water every four to five weeks. Rainfall during that period should be included in the total water applied. If you have sandy soil, water one-half inch every two to three weeks. These grasses are dormant in the winter, so it is natural for them to turn brown until Spring.

• Avoid over seeding your lawn with winter grass, such as Rye grass, as it wastes water  and energy to maintain it.

• Don’t forget to winterize outdoor spigots or exposed pipes when temperatures dip to 20 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent pipes from bursting or freezing.

Despite record-breaking rainfall this summer, we must remember the importance of water conservation.

The metroplex’s population is projected to double by 2060, and conservation measures are key to meeting future water demands.

Dallas area citizens’ efforts have already saved an estimated 44 billion gallons of water since 2001.  

Simple steps, such as those listed above, can add up to significant water savings.

Learning to save water now will ensure we have enough for future generations.