Red Oak ISD’s Career and Technology Department will share its wealth of information through its community adult education classes, Feb. 21 through March 13.

Superintendent Scott Niven initiated the idea of offering adult classes as a way of getting the community involved, CTE director Bill Miller said of the new program.

The four-week classes are designed to help individuals develop their professional and individual talents, with well-qualified instructors providing hands-on experience and one-on-one training.

“The purpose of the classes is to invite community members to come in and see how well we’ve invested their tax dollars and also so they can see what the department has to offer,” Miller said. “We also want to give them the opportunity to talk to the teachers here, especially if they are parents of students because it’s one thing to talk about the teachers but when you sit in a classroom with them, they become more than a teacher to you.”

The classes include “Make Yourself at Home with Office,” which provides instruction on how to use Word, Publisher, Excel and PowerPoint; “The Cosmetician in You,” a class that teaches the basics and secrets of skin care, hair cutting and styling, manicures, pedicures and other topics; “Sense and Sensibility in Marketing,” which teaches business owners and individuals how to make documents, letter heads, flyers and brochures; and “Car Clinic for the Ladies” (a single session), which teaches women the basics of their automobile.

Other classes to be offered are:

• “Picture Perfect” – teaches people how to add effects, narration, backgrounds and music to create exciting video stories with personal photos

• “CTRL-ALT-DEL that Repair Ticket” – teaches basic computer maintenance and how to service and repair computers

• “Quilting” – teaches decorative stitches and binding techniques involved with quilting

• “Beginner’s Sewing” – teaches basic sewing techniques

• “Surf’s Up” – teaches steps and techniques involved in creating personal Web sites

“When you start something new, usually it takes about a year for it to get established but our main concern is for the community to know what we have here to offer,” Miller said, saying he expects “a small crowd turnout initially.”

With the exception of “Car Clinic for the Ladies,” each class is four-weeks long and will begin with an introduction before moving onto more detailed information, Miller said.

“Every day will be critical, but students will work on interesting, hands-on projects to help them better understand what the course is all about and what we do here every day,” he said.

Instructors explained what their course would cover.

“I will be teaching a Web design class to an advanced group,” said Fred Smith, computer multi-media animation technology instructor. “I will introduce Web design to my students and show them how to create a Web design for a small business. I’ve had people to express interest in how to create their own Web design.”

“In my ‘Picture Perfect’ class, students will learn how to import digital pictures into the Photo Story program to make an electronic scrapbook and to also add text and music,” technology systems instructor Jane Shipp said. “They will also learn how to scan and burn photos to a CD and bring digital pictures to add in a slideshow to keep as a keepsake. They will also learn how to use the Windows Moviemaker program, which is similar to the Photo Story program. We may also do photo editing and graphics.”

As director, Miller believes the courses are a plus for the community.

“I believe the courses would have a positive impact because not only will they know what we have to offer here, but they would be able to share what they’ve seen and plus they’ll feel more comfortable talking to us because they know someone on the inside,” he said. “We also want to give them the quality education we’re providing for their children here. We want to share with them who we are so they can evaluate our program and, if they think highly enough of us, then they can sell it to other people in the community.”

Each four-week course is $25, with “Car Clinic for the Ladies” costing $10 for the single session.  

To register, call 469-437-2210 or e-mail Karen Miller at

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