RED OAK – In an effort to further combat crime in Red Oak, the Red Oak Police Department is using LeadsOnline – an investigative system that enables detectives to search for suspects and stolen property across secondhand stores, scrap metal dealers, pawnshops and Internet (eBay) drop-off stores both locally and nationwide.

The system equips criminal investigators with the ability to instantly solve crimes and to return goods to their rightful owners.

“This is the largest online investigative system of its kind nationwide. Our investigators are using it to solve crimes ranging from Thefts to burglaries by instantly searching for missing items in the transaction records of businesses across the area and the country. We appreciate the support of our local businesses as they work with us to serve our community,” Lt. Boyd Brock said.

Without LeadsOnline, investigators had to undertake a time-consuming process of visiting all the stores in the area, collecting paper tickets and computer diskettes and manually filing the tickets into a database. Keeping up with the volume of information was costly and overwhelming and detectives were limited to searching for stolen property within the city.

With LeadsOnline, information is automatically collected from businesses each day. Investigators simply search for a serial number, item description or suspect name to locate items across the country.

The track record of other agencies using LeadsOnline is impressive:

A detective in the Seattle suburb of Lynnwood, Wash., recovered an electronic device stolen from a telecommunications company. The equipment, valued at $1.7 million, was the largest property recovery recorded in Washington law enforcement history.

Corpus Christi, Texas, police caught two murder suspects when items from the crime scene were pawned more than 150 miles away in San Antonio.

Fort Wayne, Ind., police responded to a burglary call concerning a missing PlayStation. After interviewing the young man who was babysitting, the responding officer decided to run his name through LeadsOnline from his patrol car. Not only did he instantly find the missing PlayStation, he also found the young man had pawned his finances’ engagement ring which had been missing for two days.

Bethany, Okla., police solved a 4-month-old case within their first few weeks on the system.

Jasper County, Mo., sheriff’s officers responded to a burglary of a home in which several guns and a four wheeler were stolen. Six weeks later an investigator doing a regular check of LeadsOnline discovered two of the guns pawned in Fort Smith, Ark., about 125 miles away. The weapons were secured, the suspect was caught and made a full confession and all of the other items were returned. The victim had his property returned and the suspect went to jail. Detectives say they may never have solved this case without LeadsOnline.

The Red Oak Police Department is confident that LeadsOnline will prove even more effective in solving crimes involving property in Red Oak than these cases demonstrate.

Red Oak businesses that accept merchandise from the public throughout the area are now reporting electronically via LeadsOnline.

Law enforcement agencies of all sizes use LeadsOnline, including 5-officer departments in small towns to the New York City Police Department. LeadsOnline’s flexibility allows police to search for property by type, serial number, suspect name or other information. Most searches are completed within seconds.

When items are not immediately located, the system can be set to continue to watch for them, automatically alerting investigators if and when an item matching the description they’ve entered is logged in by an area store.

“More than 1,000 law enforcement agencies and businesses across the country are using the system to the benefit of countless victims of crime. We’re excited about the opportunity to serve Red Oak and are expecting great results,” said Dave Finley, CEO of LeadsOnline.

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