RED OAK – Red Oak ISD board members, elementary campus principals and other staff members attended a workshop Monday evening to discuss redistricting and boundary reconfigurations.

The plan has become necessary due to Red Oak and Shields elementaries being near the point of capacity while Eastridge and Wooden elementaries’ student populations are considerably lower.

The board’s stated objective is to have each elementary campus as equal as possible while also taking into consideration the future growth that will affect both Red Oak and Shields elementaries.

Studies done by Bob Templeton of Templeton Demographics have determined that Eastridge and Wooden elementaries will not be as affected by future growth.

All four elementary schools provide the same quality of education based on ratings by the state, so that should not be a concern when boundaries are redrawn, it was noted.

One adjustment already made was moving English as a Second Language students to their home campus as opposed to having all of them attend Wooden.

Russ Schupmann, assistant superintendent of school improvement and campus operations, presented four scenarios.

The scenario with the most change, Scenario D, allowed for the equalization of student capacity at all four campuses and addresses future growth for the next several years.

“Scenario D buys the district a few years before this has to happen again,” Templeton said.

The process is under way with the next step a public hearing set for Thursday, March 5, at the Red Oak High School to receive input from the parents. Beginning in early April, there will be public hearings held at each elementary campus.

Once input is received from the public, another workshop will be held to discuss issues such as grandfathering options, current overflow students, transportation, staffing, special programs such as pre-kindergarten, bilingual, PPCD, FLA, federal program grants and intra/inter-district transfers.

After all of the information is reviewed and discussed, the matter will be presented to the board of trustees for a decision.