With close to 30 horses, a beautiful 120-acre location, numerous classes and a fun atmosphere, Flying G Ranch has a lot to offer.

This year the ranch is starting a new homeschool riding program. Youth, ages 6 and above are encouraged to come out and experience the exciting adventure of caring for and learning how to ride a horse.

“In every program we teach grooming, saddling, brushing – all aspects,” said stable manager Claudia “Sprite” Gaughan.

The homeschool program will take place during school hours. Interested riders can try it out first and come for one lesson or register for the three-week Homeschool Riding Club, which consists of three weekly 1-˝ hours lessons. The cost is affordable to join at only $45. Classes are starting now and will continue through the month of May.

“I used to do lessons just on Saturdays,” said Stephanie Goodwyn, a rider at Flying G Ranch for four years. “But now I come here a lot more and I am able to help work the camps. I think it’s so much fun and really cool.”

“Stephanie came out when she was only 9,” said Amanda Towns, an instructor. “She could barely even get on the horse, but now she is one of the best riders.”

Flying G Ranch has many other programs including after-school riding lessons, Saturday Ranch Days, spring break camps, themed trail rides, birthday parties, summer camps and group rides.

The ranch is a nonprofit Christian horse facility that aims to provide affordable prices and great opportunities to all ages and skill levels.

For more information and a brochure of classes, call Ken Heil at 214-674-0893 or visit the website at www.flyinggranch.org.