Wondering what changes Ellis County has seen in demographics from the 2000 to 2010 census?

There’s been a rise in the overall population with an across-the-board increase in ethnic groups, from black/African-American to Hispanic to Asian to whites.

“Ellis County experienced a 34-percent growth in population over the last decade,” Ellis County Judge Carol Bush said. “That is tremendous growth and, when you begin to think about the cost of providing services to 38,000 new residents, it’s really quite staggering.”

With the total county population rising from 111,360 to 149,610 in just 10 years, Ellis County was only looking at a population of 85,167 during the 1990 census. 

With that growth however, comes additional needed services.

“New residents mean increased traffic, increased pressure on all of our roads,” Bush said. “This growth also means increased pressure on law enforcement, the detention center, the courts, the district attorney’s office, the probation system and the county and district clerks’ offices, which support these operations.”

Based on the census numbers, the county had to undertake a redistricting process this year to ensure it is meeting the provisions of the Constitution – one-person-one-vote – and the Voting Rights Act of 1963, which protects minority strength in the voting process.

Black/African-Americans in Ellis County jumped from 9,626 to 13,482, Hispanics from 20,508 to 35,161, but the biggest growth still came from the white population, which increased from 89,789 to 117,662. The American Indian and Alaskan Native increase was 662 to 893 and the Asian population was up to 851 from the 2000 census of 392.

“Our county is becoming more and more culturally diverse, with people of all races and ethnic backgrounds living in all of our communities,” Bush said.

The 18-and-over population saw a spike with 106,295 up from the 2000 census in which there were 77,716 over-18-year-olds. In those numbers, the white population accounted for 85,975 residents over 18 out of the total population while black/African-Americans came in with 9,242 in the over 18 years of age tally.  

“We have experienced a lot of changes, achievements and challenges since the last census and, the next decade will bring challenges of its own,” Bush said. “However, this is a community that meets things head-on and will do what it takes to preserve the vibrancy, character and quality of life that has attracted many of these new residents to Ellis County.”

Several smaller cities, which had been reported as shrinking in the 2000 census, also made surprising comebacks in 2010. Ferris went from 2,175 to 2,436 in population; in 2000, it had showed a 1.7 percent decrease. Maypearl’s population upped from 746 to 934 while Milford went from 685 to 728. In a real testament to growth was the city of Venus, which grew from a population of 910 in 2000 to 2,960 in the 2010 census.