Since the launch of the “Picture Perfect Waxahachie” photo book this fall, Kevin Haislip said he’s been inundated with compliments from the community.

“It’s been very well received,” he noted. “One item that I’m hearing time and again is that the book is full of surprises. Many of those who have purchased the book tell me that every time they open it up they discover photographs of a family member or friend they didn’t notice before.

“In putting together the book, that was one of our goals — to capture the essence of our community, to make each page resonate with the color and magic that makes Waxahachie such a special place,” said Haislip, a Waxahachie-based commercial photographer who published the 124-page photo book filled with scores of photographs of the community.

Haislip points out the book was a collaborative effort, noting the contributions made by local photographers and writers which include Lynn Cromer, Sally Owens, Ami Trull, Wanda Cain, Mayor Joe Jenkins, Robert Lynn, Debra Wakeland and Neal White.

“From the very beginning we wanted to produce a book the community could be proud of,” Haislip said.

With the holiday gift-giving season upon us, Haislip said he is currently working to promote the book and encourage residents to consider adding “Picture Perfect Waxahachie” to their list of gift ideas.

“It’s a great gift because it is full of surprises,” he said. “I’ve been told by a number of people they’ve purchased copies that have been sent around the country and around the world because they wanted to show family and friends where they live. It’s making its way around the world.

“Whether for someone who lives in Waxahachie or for someone far away, it is a great gift to convey the pride we feel in our community,” he added.

“Picture Perfect Waxahachie” is available for purchase at Hastings Entertainment as well as a number of businesses in downtown Waxahachie. Copies are also available at the Waxahachie Daily Light office, 200 W. Marvin Ave.

Haislip said he is also in the process of scheduling another book signing event with all of the book’s contributors in the next few weeks.