CLEBURNE — The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Wise Eyes program received the following e-mail from a local financial institution after it received reports from its customers about a phone scam to obtain personal banking information.

“It is becoming apparent our citizens are becoming educated to these scams and are not becoming victims,” a Wise Eyes spokesman said. “We want to reiterate, never give information to someone who calls you, purporting to be with your bank, and is asking for personal information regardless of what they are offering.

“If you receive such a call and you think it may be valid, tell the caller you will call your bank yourself to provide that information,” the spokesman said. “Don’t become a victim.”

The bank’s e-mail to Wise Eyes reads, “Please see below our bank customer’s reports for scam phone calls phishing for information. Thank goodness, our customers are getting savvy enough to recognize scams. It makes you wonder how many phone calls were successful in acquiring personal identifying information.”

Included with the bank’s e-mail to Wise Eyes was a copy of the alert the financial institution had sent its staff and customers: “We need to make you aware of another scam that is happening right now. Our customers are receiving a phone call from someone claiming to be with American National Bank stating that they can get a $100 gift certificate from Wal-Mart if they will verify information for them. The person who is calling has the last four digits of the debit card. (This particular customer told the man on the phone, ‘How did you get my number?’ The person argued a little bit with him then hung up.)

“The other incident was that there was a text allegedly from American National Bank to two of our customers. This stated that they should call a number to have their card re-activated. Please let our customers know that if this has happened to them to please call the police also. We also need to fill out an incident report.”

Wise Eyes participants are encouraged to share all alerts with friends and neighbors. Anyone wanting to receive the alerts, should e-mail Wise Eyes at and ask to be placed on the e-mail list by providing a name and either an address or the Johnson County precinct in which he or she lives.