OVILLA – Since 1984, when Ovilla Mayor A. C. Phillips, mayor for the city from 1982 to 1987, first started the event, each elected mayor since has sponsored the city’s annual cleanup day.

This year’s spring cleanup will be held from 8 a.m.-noon Saturday, April 9.

“On that day citizens of Ovilla may line up for the event starting at 7 a.m. and all citizens will need proof of residency like a driver’s license or water bill,” public works director Brad Piland said.

The location of the cleanup will be the empty lot north of City Hall and the police department.

To help with the flow of traffic, the entrance to the lot where the cleanup is taking place will be blocked and traffic diverted to Silverwood and around to Westlawn during the hours of the event.

Always a well-attended event, Piland said the city is expecting anywhere from 150 to 200 residents to participate.

It’s the “perfect time to get rid of all that junk,” he said, noting that residents can bring in bulk items and rubbish of all kinds. 

“Two years ago we had three boats come in, what a sight that was,” Mayor Bill Vansyckle said.

Other items residents have brought in through the years include old satellite dishes, lawn equipment, furniture, hot tubs, appliances, scrap metal, glass, old fences, dismantled accessory buildings, rolls of carpet and old fiberglass pools.

There will also be individuals present that take and recycle metals, but Piland said, “The city will not accept tires, paint, chemicals, computer monitors and refrigerators and freezers must have Freon removed and tagged as such.”           

Once the day starts, there is rarely a break in the action as residents continually bring their refuse in, he said, noting that when the cleanup event is over, the trash is taken to a landfill by the city’s waste removal company, CWD.

Volunteers will be present to assist people in unloading to speed the process along.