OVILLA — The Ovilla City Council made introductions at Monday night’s city council meeting announcing the new city prosecutor Julie Pandya. 

Pandya is an associate with the Law Firm of Nichols, Jackson, Dillard, Hagar & Smith LLP and has served as a prosecutor for a number of local cities including DeSoto, Lancaster, Hutchins, Richardson, Allen and Farmers Branch. 

The firm Pandya works with also serves in Red Oak and Duncanville in the capacity of city attorney.

City Manager Randy Whiteman said he actually found the new prosecutor when he was looking for a special prosecutor several months ago during a case involving councilmember James Wade, however she was not needed in that capacity after all.

Whiteman said however, “We liked what we heard” referring to his interviewing her for the special prosecutor position.

Consent agenda items passed including special and regular council and budget meetings from July and August. One consent agenda item was taken off and voted on separately regarding updating impact fees.

With councilmember Mike Dickey still in serious condition and in the hospital after a recent motorcycle wreck, he and councilmember James Wade were absent, leaving a vote of 3–0 for the agenda items that did pass.

The council voted to ratify the budget for the 2011-2012 tax year as well as amend a number of codification ordinances including returned check fees, animal license fees and building fees.  A vote also passed to update the policy for the maintenance of the general fund reserve. The policy now states that the reserve should stay consistent at 90 days.

The council voted to pay Ellis County the $100,000 owed for street repairs, which was originally to be paid out over three years. The money will come from the undesignated reserve and will get the city caught up on what is owed.

“Next year there will be no debt when this is paid off,” councilmember Tom Leverentz said.

The council also voted 3–0 to approve the sale of the city’s brush truck 751 with a new one to replace it.