OVILLA – For three years now, the city of Ovilla has prided itself on being a city where residents cared about the environment.

At its recent city council meeting, waste and recycle company Community Waste Disposal presented both Mayor Bill Vansyckle and Mayor Pro Tem Leverentz with an award, made from glass recycled from Ovilla, for the 2010 accomplishments of the city’s recycle program.

Vansyckle said later he believes at least 90 percent of the residents in the city are recycling.

The city’s recycling program began about three years ago and Vansyckle says since that time it has been a “total success.”

In 2010, Ovilla recycled 301 tons, up from 237 tons in 2009.

“This equates to an average of 38 pounds per household per month, Vansyckle said, adding it would compare to saving 5,117 trees, 1,234,100 kilowatt hours of electricity, 114,380 gallons of oil or 2,107,00 gallons of water.

The council also approved a recommendation to hire Ovilla resident Brad Piland as the city’s new public works director. Piland is a water system operator for the city of Grand Prairie. Piland brings 12 years of experience working in various positions for the city of Ovilla, from equipment operator/animal control officer to water wastewater superintendent.

Council voted unanimously on hiring Piland; however, all other items up for vote were rejected by council member James Wade.

Other items that passed included a new proposed agreement by and between the city of Ovilla and the home owner association of Ashburne Glen and a second agreement by and between the city of Ovilla and the HOA of Meadow Glen. Both agreements will become effective April 1, 2011.

Dana Huffman was hired as a substitute judge of the Municipal Court of Record for Ovilla, which will become effective Feb. 28, 2011. Huffman was recommended by Ovilla’s current judge, Scott Kurth. According to Vansyckle, Huffman also works with Kurth in other local city courts in the area.

Council also discussed and reviewed the road rehabilitation reports, updates and projects and had a discussion on how to use excess funds identified in the FY2009-2010 audit.