OVILLA – Coming from Springtown, Texas, just six months ago, Ovilla City Administrator Randy Whiteman will receive his six-month review this week. 

Asked what stands out so far in his job, Whiteman said, “A whirlwind of activity and lots of council and committee meetings.

Whiteman is no stranger to council and committee meetings. He was previously city administrator for Springtown, where he had developed a $3.5 million budget and managed 46 employees among a bevy of city projects between 2006 and 2008. 

Whiteman also developed a $9.8 million budget for the city of Coleman, where he worked from 1997 to 2006 managing 79 employees as city manager.

“Randy is extremely well respected by the staff and by the people that work under him directly,” Ovilla Mayor Bill Turner said. “I have first hand knowledge of the fact that there are seven department heads that just really respect him and feel that he brings an awful lot of positives to the table. 

“He has been very good to work with and has worked them through a lot of issues that he has had to deal with,” he said.

Whiteman said his accomplishments to date include the Johnson Lane resurfacing project, the new doctors’ clinic almost completed and the 2008-09 budget, while his biggest challenges have been “learning the city limits, the loss of the city accountant and changing city attorneys.”

Turner also shared his thoughts.

“Randy was here when we got Johnson Lane and Cockrell Hill finished and the attorney left and he has had to work closely with our attorneys,” Turner said. “He has worked with the staff helping the staff adjust to changes taking place in the city and you can’t understate how important that is. To me, that is one of the biggest things as he continues to move the city ahead.”

Whiteman also has been instrumental in getting the fire station annex completed while ensuring it comes in on time and on budget. 

“Randy is also working on a personnel manual that we are in the process of reviewing,” Turner said. “It is in rough draft form now and we will have to hold workshops. 

“Of course, Randy was there helping us get our budget done and anytime you come in as late as he did, and we were already in the budget process when he came in, I think that was important,” he said. “Another thing is we lost our financial person before Christmas and Randy has had to work through that. 

“It has been a lot of things that he has had to deal with that are important,” Turner said. “We work together as a team and Randy is a big part of that team.”

Asked what his goals are for the future, Whiteman said, “Working with the council to finalize the comprehensive plan, developing a CIP program and identifying funding sources for growth.”

He adds also, “It is definitely the employees that really make me enjoy working in Ovilla every day.”