Daniel’s Den Ministries held an open house for its new facility, located at 507 Jefferson St, earlier this week.

The ministry was formed through efforts by Waxahachie Bible Church.

“Our ministry was in two locations at one time,” said Joy Ranton, director of Daniel’s Den. “The Samaritan House was located on Dunn Street and was a three-bedroom, one-bath home and our other location was another shelter and office, which was located over the (former) elections office downtown,” she said.

Ranton said the agency moved its offices to Jefferson Street in June and the residents moved in July 1.

Daniel’s Den, a faith-based interdenominational Christian ministry, was established in 1996 and, since that time, has provided transitional housing and emergency assistance, including hot meals and clean clothes, to people in need. According to a promotional publication, there were no emergency shelters or transitional housing facilities prior to the establishment of Daniel’s Den. The shelter welcomes donations of food, toiletries, undergarments and volunteers in addition to financial support.

“Today we have 15 people living in Daniel’s Den and we just acquired our first married couple who live with us,” Ranton said. “Of course, being a faith-based organization, we require that married couples show a certificate of marriage proving that they are legally married.”

Ranton said that before opening the facility on Jefferson, the organization could only provide shelter for people for three months, but now the aid can be extended to six months.

Daniel’s Den is supported by several local churches and also receives some funds from individuals and the United Way of West Ellis County.

Board member Gary Stevens said the facility was built in 1908 and has quite a history.

“The house, which is four complete levels, was built as a boarding house in 1908,” he said. “For a while it was a single family dwelling and later was divided up into several apartments and was at one time a half-way house.”

The house had fallen into a state of disrepair, but has undergone some remodeling and updating, he said, noting it also includes an emergency shelter for transient people. The room contains hospital-type chairs that make into single beds, providing enough space to sleep 10 people.

Stevens and his wife, Lou, are members of the board of directors, which he said has several openings for those interested.

For more information, contact Daniel’s Den Ministries at (972) 938-0103.

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