Edwards quits Democratic presidential race

NEW ORLEANS (AP) Democrat John Edwards bowed out of the race for the White House on Wednesday, saying it was time to step aside "so that history can blaze its path" in a campaign now left to Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

"With our convictions and a little backbone we will take back the White House in November," said Edwards, ending his second campaign in a hurricane-ravaged section of New Orleans where he began it more than a year ago.

Suicide bomber kills Afghan deputy governor, 5 others in mosque attack

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AP) A suicide bomber blew himself up inside a mosque in southern Afghanistan on Thursday, killing Helmand province's deputy governor and five other people, officials said.

The bomber struck in the provincial capital of Lashkar Gah, said provincial police chief Mohammad Hussein Andiwal.

Helmand's deputy governor, Pir Mohammad, was killed in the blast, said Nisar Ahmad, a provincial health official.

The blast killed five other people and wounded 11, Ahmad said.

'Entertainment Tonight says it won't run video of Heath Ledger at a party

NEW YORK (AP) "Entertainment Tonight" says it won't air a video it has acquired that shows the late Heath Ledger at a Hollywood party where drugs were apparently being taken.

The syndicated magazine's sister show, "The Insider," aired a "preview" of the video Wednesday that showed an unidentified man apparently snorting cocaine. The show said, however, that the video does not show Ledger doing drugs.

"Out of respect for Heath Ledger's family, 'Entertainment Tonight' and 'The Insider' have decided not to run the Heath Ledger video that has been circulating in the world media," said a posting on the Web sites Thursday.

Ledger, 28, died in his Manhattan apartment Jan. 22. The cause of his death will not be known for at least a week, after medical examiners complete toxicology tests.

Authorities suspect a possible drug overdose, but nothing conclusive has been determined. Several prescription drugs were found in the Manhattan apartment where the "Brokeback Mountain" actor's body was found.

Oregon boy parks bike inside Goodwill store, which then sells it for $6.99

SALEM, Ore. (AP) Cody Young parked his bike in the wrong place at the Goodwill store, where the rule is that anything on the floor goes.

He didn't have a lock, but friends said they had parked inside the store before. On Sunday, though, the black BMX bike was sold.

But the 13-year-old is going to get his bike back, Goodwill officials said, after the buyer saw a newspaper story about the mix-up and called to make things right.

The buyer got the bike for just $6.99 but will get a $100 gift certificate from Goodwill for coming forth.

It's not the first such mix-up in Goodwill's busy stores, Goodwill spokesman Dale Emanuel said. A janitor once left a bucket and mop on a store's sales floor, and they were sold the next day.

20 killed in blast at unlicensed fireworks manufacturer in Turkey

ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) An explosion at an unlicensed fireworks factory in an industrial section of Istanbul killed 20 people and injured 117 others Thursday, officials said.

The city's governor, Muammer Guler, blamed fireworks manufactured illegally in the multi-story building. He ruled out terrorism, and said an investigation was under way.

Mayor Kadir Topbas said a chain of explosions destroyed the top two floors of the five-story building in the Davutpasa district Thursday morning.

The first blast, at about 9:30 a.m. (0730GMT), sparked a fire that drew onlookers, he said.

"The first explosion started a fire and people began gathering outside to watch it," Topbas said. Minutes later, there was a second explosion.

At least 20 people were killed and 117 injured, eight seriously, he said.

"White smoke was rising into the sky from the factory as we came to the front of the building. People were running around. I helped carry out six injured people," a witness who identified himself as Ali told CNN-Turk television.

The force of the blast destroyed the top two floors and columns of nearby buildings, sending debris showering down on cars parked on the street below.

Police sealed off the area as rescue workers pulled bodies from the rubble. TV footage showed at least two men lying in the street as a man with blood on his face walked nearby.

The factory housed textile makers and an unlicensed fireworks manufacturer, reports said. The building had been shut down by authorities twice before but continued its work illicitly, a municipal director, Murat Aydin, told NTV television.