The Associated Press

SANTEE, Calif. (AP) - Four people died after a speeding runaway car crashed into an SUV, a fence and an embankment before rolling several times, landing on a dry patch in the San Diego River and bursting into flames.

California highway Patrol officer Brian Pennings says victims of Friday's crash included Mark Saylor, 45, a 19-year CHP veteran; his wife Cleofe, 45; their 13-year-old daughter and Saylor's brother-in-law,

Pennings said someone, believed to be Saylor's wife, called 911 just before the crash to say the accelerator was stuck. The car was headed downhill, and a witness said it was going more than 100 mph.

The SUV driver was hospitalized with moderate injuries.

Saylor was a safety officer, whose job was to inspect school buses, ambulances, tow trucks and armored vehicles.