MAYPEARL — First State Bank of Maypearl has changed its name to the Cowboy Bank of Texas.

In announcing the change, the bank’s chairman of the board, Don E. McAlister, indicated that positive change was good and this change would position the bank for future growth and expansion.

“We are a country bank, serving the needs of rural Texas and we still do it the old-fashioned way with a handshake and a smile,” McAlister said.

Bank president Larry Burns and senior vice president Brandon Vaughan initiated use of the name, the Cowboy Bank, back in 2005, with the name gaining immediate acceptance within the Maypearl community. Since that time, the bank’s growth has increased by almost 70 percent.

Burns credited the bank’s growth to many factors, including the transition to a unique and distinctive name.

“Not only does our name stand out as a one of a kind, financial institution,” Burns said, “but it also appeals to a wide sector of individuals who enjoy life in rural communities.”

Burns said the bank’s down home philosophy of personal service is the primary reason for the bank’s success.

“While we offer every competitive banking service from Internet banking and bill pay to debit cards and gift cards, we don’t have answering machines or voice mail,” he said. “At the Cowboy Bank, we still believe in the old-fashioned style of banking, the personal touch, taking care of people one on one.”

Placing customers at the top of the priority list is why bank officials describe the Cowboy Bank as “one of the fastest growing banks in Texas.”

“You might say our banking style is a little old-fashioned and our products are state of the art,” Vaughan. “That’s why people know us as the ‘Bank of Tomorrow with the Charm of Yesterday.’ And we don’t do sales quotas either, choosing instead to focus on what customers need, not what we need.”

The Cowboy Bank of Texas was chartered in 1930 as First State Bank of Maypearl. The bank was formed through a merger of two Maypearl banks, Citizens Bank and the Farmers and Merchants Bank.

Since that time, the bank has served the Maypearl community for more than 77 years, leading the way through local ownership and a commitment to the Maypearl economy, bank officials said.

In recent years, the bank has been instrumental in development of the Maypearl Chamber of Commerce and was directly involved in bringing the new David’s Supermarket to Maypearl.

“Serving the financial needs of this community and supporting the local economy are key objectives of our business plan,” McAlister said. Other local bank directors include JoAnn Mathers, Judy Martin Gamble, Susan Solomon and David Wilemon.