Mission Possible, an annual justice education event whose participants pay to volunteer around the Metroplex, recently brought its efforts to the Waxahachie Senior Citizens Center.

Drawing from a volunteer base at several Catholic churches, including those in Ennis, Waxahachie, Corsicana, Ferris, Grand Prairie and Duncanville, Mission Possible was able to bring 10 young adults and two adult leaders to the center to offer their help.

“We have 10 volunteers here today at the center who are going to wash cars for the seniors and people in the community, paint my office and wash the walls inside the center,” center director Cindi Schneider said. “I think it’s great that these kids are doing this because some people think that teenagers are somewhere lying on the beach but some are actually devoting their time volunteering.

“The St. Joseph group has come here before during the Christmas holiday and they also helped out at our pancake breakfast,” she said. “Once we get into our new building, we plan to do a lot of regeneration type of activities.”

“We’re here to make a safer environment for the senior citizens and others in the community,” said Daniel Birckbichler of Duncanville, with Meg Funderburk of Corsicana adding, “We’re painting and washing cars today and I think my grandmother would be very proud of me for what we are doing.”

The seniors who watched from the inside of the center had smiles across their faces.

“I think it’s great what they’re (the volunteers) doing and they should be recognized,” Joan Taylor said. “Today’s youth are good kids.”

“I think it’s great what the kids are doing for those people who are not able to do some things,” Lucy Ferguson said. “These kids are young and I see them run back and forth … we can’t do that.”

Mission Possible’s work has also included painting garages, sorting goods for homeless shelters, organizing food for food pantries and other works of labor.

“At the conclusion of our week-long endeavors, we all meet up at the main parish, where we have mass and discuss everything we’ve done,” adult leader Jane Crawford said. “We discuss and acknowledge Jesus in our line of everyday work.”

Established in 1995 at St. Jude Parish in Allen by youth ministry coordinator Tammy Amosson, Mission Possible includes high school and middle school youth participants from a number of parishes.

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