If Wednesday’s paper looks a little different, it is.

Beginning with the today’s edition, The Midlthian Mirror has moved to a 23-inch web width (the combined size of two news pages). The page size is one-inch narrower than last week’s edition.

By reducing the web width, WNI, the Mirror’s parent company, is projecting to save about $18,000 in news print expenses during the 2009 calendar year.

“Like all businesses nationwide, the newspaper industry is not immune to the global economic downturn,” said Neal White, editor of Waxahachie Newspapers Inc. “While we are faring much better than many of our colleagues around the country, we have steadily been looking at opportunities to reduce expenses without compromising the content or quality of our products — or having to pass on those costs to our customers and advertisers.”

As the newspaper industry — and business in general — rapidly evolves to meet the demands of today’s economic conditions, White stressed WNI  and The Midlothian Mirror are committed to finding solutions that will help local businesses not only weather the current financial climate, but succeed.

“Change is seldom easy. Some would even call it frightening. While I think it’s safe to say that everyone would have preferred to avoid the global recession we find ourselves in, in every dark cloud, for those with the tenacity to look, will find a silver lining in the form of opportunity,” White said.

“Together, we will weather the storm,” he said. “In doing so, we’re discovering opportunity in the form of finding new ways to help our customers and our advertisers successfully deliver their message to the greater Ellis County community.

“There is a reason we’re Ellis County’s leading source of news, information and advertising,” White said. “We take that responsibility very seriously and we are committed to that mission.”

For more information on learning how WNI  and The Midlothian Mirror can help your businesses, contact Publisher Ray Pike at 469-517-1440 or advertising director Donna McFarland at 469-517-1440.