The holiday season has finally come to an end and store employees are able to ease through the rest of year with shorter lines and less shoppers on the prowl.

With that said, several store managers took the time to review what their stores accomplished during the time everyone loves to shop — the holiday season.

Burke’s Outlet saw a very busy holiday shopping season during its first year of operation.

“I think we did really well, plus our corporate office is pleased, which is a good sign,” Burke’s Outlet supervisor Sharon Lee said. “Our prices were really reasonable and what also brought us a lot of customers was Drew Pearson’s book signing. A lot of people shopped here while attending his book signing.”

Bealls store manager Stuart Stephenson said the month of December was the busiest time for the store.

“We had a very good holiday season, which kicked off the first week in December and got bigger each week,” Stephenson said. “Our sales were very close to last year’s sales, but didn’t exceed last year’s sales. A lot of December was good and for the most part, we were very busy.”

Belk area sales manager Shirley White said she was proud of the store’s success.

“We had a decent year even though we were a little down from last year. I think a lot of people were just finding us,” White said. “We ranked in the top 10 of the companies nationwide and in the top five of the companies statewide, which is really good.”

Even though the busiest shopping days are over, some stores are still carrying sales through the end of the year.

“We now have a lot of after-Christmas sales that are going on, which is going to bring in a lot of traffic,” White said.

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