While mountain biking at Cedar Hill State Park with friends, Gina Six of Waxahachie had an opportunity to meet former President George W. Bush.

Bush who was out for a ride and accompanied by his security team, took time to stop and talk, she said of the recent encounter.

“When we got there, my friends had been riding on the 12-mile trail and passed him. So they took a cut off, which came to the trailhead where I was. We got all of our stuff together and waited for him to get finished with the trail so we could meet him,” Six said.

“He had about six or seven security guards riding along with him on the trail. As he came off the trail he came right up to us and shook our hands and took lots of pictures.”

Six said Bush didn’t talk about his time in Washington, but kept the conversation focused on mountain biking and the enjoyment of it. Bush also showed the group both of the bikes – one of them a Trek Mountain bike – that he brought with him to ride on the trails that day.

“He said that Cedar Hill was one of his favorite trails around. He had ridden the 12-mile trail on one bike and as we were getting ready he was going on the other bike back out on the trail to ride some more. So he was in really incredible shape,” she said.

“He said that he is also enjoying some of the trails around the Dallas area,” she said. “Someone did ask him about Crawford and he had eaten lunch at the Crawford coffee shop the day before.”

Six said her group was able to spend about 10 minutes with the former president before he went back out on the trail. Her group had been out to the Cedar Hill Park four or five times before and had just missed seeing him.

“He is very personable and took the time and effort to come up to us – we didn’t even approach him,” she said. “He just acted like he knew everybody and has a real camaraderie with mountain bikers.

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