Waxahachie High School theater teacher Andy Reynolds can see the common theme shared by his cast and the characters of this school year’s first play - a love of theater.

The Waxahachie drama department will present its first show of the year “Macbeth Did It” on Nov. 15-17 at the Fine Arts Center. Tickets will be $5 for students and $7 for adults.

Reynolds is excited for the audience to see all of the work his students have put into this production.

“I expect the audience to be entertained, and have a good time in a relaxed atmosphere,” Reynolds Reynolds said. “We never really know how many people will show up. We have sold out a couple of times with ‘Grease’ and ‘Footloose.’

With a cast and crew of 53 students, Reynolds selected “Macbeth Did It” by John Patick.

“First, I try to pick out a play with a large cast.” He said on selecting a play. “I usually hand pick a comedy every fall.”

According to Reynolds, “Macbeth Did It” is a fast moving and outrageously funny, this delightful play traces the trials and tribulations of a community theatre production of Macbeth, from casting rehearsals to the breathless deadline of opening night.

“I’m somewhat partial to this play. I can relate the frustration of directing a Shakespeare play,” Reynolds said with a laugh. “It’s a very true humor of what director’s sometimes have to deal with.”

Although it’s a comedy, Reynolds expects all of his students put their best effort to make the first play of the year a success.

Leslie Moon, senior, is in her third year in the drama department. She will be playing to role of “Dolly Dibble” and is a little nervous about the first play of the year.

“It’s always a new experience every time on stage,” Moon said. “When you get the first response from the audience it puts your nerves at ease.”

Reynolds has been running the drama department since Fall 2002 and is proud of the progression it has made.

“I am proud of what they are doing,” Reynolds said. “Most of my students go on to be the cream of the crop whatever school they attend.”

One of those students is Nick Irion. Irion is a junior at the University of Texas at Arlington majoring in theater performance. He is helping Reynolds with the production of this play.

“They have progress a lot, since I joined on,” Irion said. “It’s going to be a great show full of mayhem and comedy.”

Irion can remember back to when he was in high school and tries to provide the current group of students with the same insight Reynolds did for him.

“My advice to them has been to work hard, listen and take in everything someone is tells you,” Irion said about Reynolds. “He wants people who really want to be in theater. That gave me the opportunity to explore theater.”

Reynolds is providing that same opportunity to his students this year. Whitney Bingham, senior, is in her first year with the drama department.

“I wanted join because it always looks like so much fun,” Bingham said. “I went to a lot of plays and so I decide I wanted to try out. It’s been pretty cool. I’m ready for my first play.”

Bingham, along with the rest of the students, is ready to put on a great show for the community. Reynolds is expecting the same great show for the public to see and believes the monologue at the end is one of the scenes that will be worth seeing.

“There is a wonderful monologue that ties it all up at the end. The humanity in these characters makes them real.” Reynolds said. “They are all there for one common reason, the love of theater.”

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