The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a complaint about mail being taken from a mailbox.

Deputies were dispatched at 3:45 p.m. May 18 to Oak View Court in Burleson on a complaint of stolen mail. A resident advised that his mail had been taken from the mailbox after it was placed there for the postal carrier to pick up.

The resident said he had placed several envelopes that included payment for several bills in the mailbox and, before the postal carrier came, someone had taken them.

“If you are able, it is a much better plan to mail your bills at the post office rather than placing the envelopes in the mailbox at the curb,” according to a Johnson County Wise Eyes news release. “If you must put your bill payments in the mailbox at the curb, wait until it is time for the postal carrier to arrive for the pick up before you put them in the mailbox.”

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