MAYPEARL — For several months, Paul Wilbur, owner of Maypearl Hardware and Feed, and Flying W Group LP construction company have been working to gather volunteers and donors to replace Mildred “Lucky” Talton’s house.

All that remains of Lucky’s house, which stood on the lot at 201 First Street, directly behind Wilbur’s feed store, is a pile of rubble. Wilbur has pledged to donate a rent house he owns, located several miles off of Farm-to-Market 157 on Old Buena Vista Road.

The house is already mounted on a trailer and ready to be moved onto Lucky’s place.

Wilbur’s house of 735 square feet, which was built in the 1940s, will replace Lucky’s old house, which he estimates to be about 600 square feet.

He said he has “big plans” for a total remodel of the house and that it will be “basically a brand new home” when she moves in.

“We’re just waiting to get the old house hauled off so we can get it ready for the new house,” Wilbur said. “We’ve had several companies and individuals to help in this project.”

Among those helping is Atmos Gas Company, which will lay new gas lines and install a new cookstove. Other donors of materials and labor include Leon Duckett Plumbing; Southall Electric and Stewart Electric Companies; Richard Martin Heat and Air-conditioning; Southern Star Concrete Company, which will donate the concrete; Dwayne’s Concrete Company, which will provide labor; Chad Perkins of Eighty-Four Lumber; Scott’s Furniture; European Bedding; and Carl and T.J. Myers of Dirt Work Inc., which will do cleanup work. Wilbur said many individuals also have volunteered to help.

Lucky’s old house was about to fall down due to the many times the lot flooded during heavy rains, Wilbur said, saying water would stand in her house 6 inches deep.

Living conditions were bad in the old residence for Lucky, who is staying with some relatives in Arlington until her new home is completed.

Plans for the new home include a larger bathroom, back porch, a ramp connecting to a wooden front porch, a new roof and new carpet.

“We’re bringing everything up to code,” Wilbur said. “We’re doing this all thinking of her. We’re taking every step we can to ensure she has a good quality of life.”

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