RURAL WAXAHACHIE - It’s a story not unlike similar stories every day around Ellis County. Someone dumps a dog, leaving it to fend for itself or die.

Hollis and Corrinne Wolfe have seen their share of discarded dogs on their rural road outside of Waxahachie. They’ve taken in as many as they can through the years, fed and cared for the others and tried their best to find them good homes.

This last one that made its way to their home has touched their hearts in a special way, however, and the couple is making an appeal to the community in hopes someone will adopt “Pearl.”

Pearl can best be described as a gangly mixture of kind-of-hard-to-tell, with Hollis saying he thinks there’s possibly some German shepherd, possibly some large terrier. Pearl’s got a medium-large frame, which is filling out nicely with the love and care the Wolfes have been providing for her.

The Wolfes found Pearl - or as they say, she found them - after they returned home from a several-week vacation.

“We just thought she belonged to someone who might have moved in down the road,” said Corrinne, saying they saw Pearl running around loose, not an uncommon sight where they live.

Then came the day the dog slowed down enough to come into their yard, her ribs all showing and her tail tucked up underneath her stomach as a signal of her distress.

Their hearts melted and they fed her, and Pearl - as she came to be called - stayed. With food and water and a carport to stay under, Pearl simply adopted the Wolfes as her family and their place as her own, staying in their yard and not wandering any more. The Wolfes said they thought about putting her in the fenced portion of their yard with their other three dogs, but after their older boxer indicated she would fight, they decided simply to leave Pearl be.

A problem arose earlier this week though when a sheriff’s deputy stopped by to say someone had complained about Pearl.

The Wolfes said they were told Pearl either had to stay on a cable or they had to have her picked up by the shelter. She can’t run loose on their property, they said they were told.

“We want to find her a good home,” said Corrinne, on the verge of tears at the choice before her. “We can’t put her in with our other dogs because of our boxer, and she’s broken-hearted at having to be tied up. We want her to have a home and a yard of her own.”

The Wolfes both feel Pearl is a fairly young dog and vouch for her has having a sweet - albeit attention-loving - demeanor. She was shy when they first got her but has thrived with food and attention, they said, saying she loves to run and play.

Pearl is attentive and obedient, and Hollis said she’s already learned several commands.

As part of her efforts to find Pearl a home, Corrinne gave the Daily Light a letter she wrote on Pearl’s behalf.

“I’m hoping someone will read it and find a place in their heart and home for Pearl,” said Corrinne, adding, “You know, dogs that choose you are good dogs.”

As written by Corrinne Wolfe for Pearl:


The lady where I have been staying the last few weeks calls me “Pearl” and the daddy calls me “Mutt” or sometimes “Mutt-Mutt.”

I answer to both.

I try very hard to please. I follow the daddy everywhere. If he is working in the garage, I go in, find a spot to watch him, lie down and stay. I have been staying in the carport and have not chewed anything nor carried anything away.

My lady gave me a toy and I love to play “keep-away.” You can throw a ball and I will bring it back. Then I want to play keep-away. With a little training, I am sure I can learn to drop it at your feet.

I have had some training. If I see you have a treat for me, I will sit for you to pitch it to me. But if you have a can of dog food for me my response is “Gangbusters!!”

My daddy has been feeding me a large dog food can of dry dog food morning and evening. I was sooooooo hungry when I decided to choose their home that they could count all my ribs from the street. They have fed me well and I am gaining weight.

I would really like to be an in-yard dog but the Wolfes already have three dogs and one of their dogs is unfriendly toward me. Unfortunately, she was there first and she’s Daddy’s favorite. I think she is just jealous because she knows I would be a great companion.

I do have a protective side for those I care about but if you introduce me to your friends they are my friends too. I have gotten along will all of the other loose dogs in the neighborhood. They have all come over to welcome me.

I am so pleased to have a good place to stay I do not roam. I probably have been in a fenced yard in my past. I probably have also been tied up because a leash scares me.

My chosen family thinks I like to ride since I sometimes want to get in the car but they have not taken me for a ride.

Loud noises also scare me and July 4 was horrible. I tried to be a lap dog with my lady but I was just too big.

I need a home with a big space to run in - I run like a greyhound - and a teenage boy or young man who can play with me lots!

Please don’t ignore me, I love lots of attention. I have never jumped on my lady, but I think men are fair game. My lady thinks I’m too boisterous to be with small children though she hasn’t given me a chance to try it.

Please find a good home for me and then you can call my lady and tell her how I am doing. Her name is Corrinne Wolfe and her phone number is (972) 938-7548.

She will miss me.


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