Being a parent is not an easy job.

Even harder than that is trying to find the humor in situations that would try the patience of just about anyone, let alone a stay at home dad with a set of 3-year old twins and a 6-year-old.

But that is what Waxahachie native Brian Sargent does for an appreciative and growing audience.

Sargent is the creator and the humor behind the Web site,, a name he came up with because his kids start almost every sentence with that phrase.

He said the site started with a simple plan.

“The site was really just my way to keep our families updated on the kids’ lives because they are so far away but it has grown to be something other people besides my mom thinks is interesting enough to read,” Sargent said.

That easygoing attitude is part of what keep drawing people to the site. The other he feels is a talent he honed in junior high school and high school, the art of embellishment.

“Everything I write about has truth in it. Sometimes it just takes on a life of its own when I try to tell the story,” he said.

He is known in his family as the story teller and often is asked to recount stories from the past because even though everyone experienced the same event, he said he tends to tell it the best.

The inspiration for his posts comes from the every day challenges he faces as a stay at home dad, a title he says that gets him notoriety at the grocery store and most places he takes his children.

“Running errands with the kids is a sure fire way to get noticed and complimented for doing something that most women do every day without the same acknowledgement. The truth is my wife could do what I do so much better and be much more organized than me, but for some reason when people see a stay at home dad they forget that women have been doing the same thing for years,” he said.

After teaching math and traveling overseas to teach English, telling people he was a stay at home dad took some getting used to.

“I felt like I had to defend what I was doing at first, like staying at home to raise my children wasn’t enough of a job, but when I get to spend time with my girls and be so involved in their lives instead of letting daycare or a babysitter spend time with them, it puts everything into perspective. Taking care of kids is the hardest job ever and I just feel like if you’re going to go to all the trouble of having them, you might as well put effort into raising them,” Sargent said.

Of course, that mindset did take a beating when he and his wife discovered their second pregnancy was with twins.

“I thought taking care of our first daughter Kathryn was hard until Lila and Victoria came along, then I realized the first one was a walk in the park. There are the same issues to acclimate to but everything is times two,” he said.

He admits not all the encounters he writes about are too far from the truth when traveling with his children.

“Walking around with twins is like a traveling freak show. People ask the strangest things, so I use that to amuse myself and now about 1,000 people every day,” he said.

With people from Israel, Australia, Switzerland, Ireland, Canada and the United States logging on to check the latest installment from “The Dad” of “Looky Daddy” fame, the site has humble beginnings.

“I have always been interested in writing and wanted to write about life with twins so I joined some twins networks, then one or two of them found my site and I had a fan base after that. It really is still very small potatoes and some of those 1,000 web hits are repeat offenders,” he said.

The reason Sargent thinks the site has been so popular is how he relates to most people.

“There is nothing on my site that most people haven’t experienced or won’t live through in their life, but I just come at it from a different angle,” he said.

As for the future of the site, Sargent expects to be sharing his stay at home stories until all the girls are in school at which time he likes to dream of how he will spend his time.

“I will find a nice little quiet place to be, maybe a home for spent dads so we can sit around and play video games for days on end,” he said.

Until then, he said he will continue to share his daily dose of humor, sponsor limerick contests and see what the future holds for him and his family.