Daily Light staff writer

Kris Helms, owner and operator of K&H Yard Services of Waxahachie, wants to give back to the communities he serves.

“We’ve done well this year,” said Helms, who employs three people in his lawn service business and serves about 150 customers in Waxahachie, Red Oak, Midlothian and Ennis.

“We are asking each of the communities to nominate their favorite 65-year-old or older candidate for a free yard service and yard cleanup,” he said. “K&H Yard Services would like to give back to our community for helping us to have a wonderful season.”

He said residents can send nominations to

“People can e-mail us through the contact-us link on our Web site telling us why they think someone is a good candidate,” he said, saying all nominations need to be turned in by Aug. 8. One candidate from each community will be selected.

“We will mow, edge, weed trim, blow walks and driveways for the persons that win the nomination,” he said.

Helms also noted a similar event he’s planning for the month of December.

“We’re going to ask communities to select a person 65 or older and we will put lights and decorations on their house,” he said of the special holiday effort.

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