Kindergartners at Red Oak Elementary were “little singing sensations” dressed in Christmas tree costumes with stars atop their heads  Friday morning during Red Oak Elementary’s annual Christmas program.

Parents, grandparents and friends were on hand with cameras and video camcorders to capture that special moment as their children sang songs full of the Christmas spirit.

Kindergarten teacher Judy McCord welcomed everyone to the program.

“We have several songs we’re going to sing today and we’ve worked really hard on them. We hope you enjoy,” McCord said.

Among the many songs sang were “Rudolph,” “S-A-N-T-A,” “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” “I’ve Been Waiting for Christmas,” “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” “I’m A Great Big Christmas Tree” and others.

McCord asked everyone to join in when singing “Jingle Bells.”

McCord, along with kindergarten teachers Patricia Prachyl, Amy Mashburn, Faryn Partin and Dee Alamo, organized the program, which parents said was very entertaining.

“It was well put together and how they managed to get all the kids to learn the songs was amazing,” Candice Jones said. “All the costumes were cute and I just enjoyed it overall.”

“To me, it was true Christmas spirit with complete joy and happiness,”Kerri McMillion said. “When you have a little one singing and smiling, it just does something to you. It was just sweet.”

“It was really cute and I enjoyed the little costumes the children wore,” Trina Benavides said.

Prachyl said she was not only proud of the students and their performance, but also of the support from parents who were there.

“All the children did really well with learning the songs and learning the different hand movements,” she said, noting the turnout was good with many parents coming together to watch the performance.

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