To encourage parent-involvement at Alvarado Junior High last year, principal Melodye Brooks and assistant principal Chris Everett decided they would invite parents to the campus, but not at a time parents would normally visit.

Instead of the typical Parents Night or Open House, the pair invited parents to take part in the school day. Last week, AJHS hosted its second Dad’s Day of the school year and the number of participants was well over 100.

“We were looking for ways to get parents involved and we thought this was a good way for them to see what their children are doing,” Brooks said. “It’s important for the parents to see how much the classroom has changed since they were in school. There’s so much information we’re feeding these kids and a lot of them already know more than their parents did when they graduated.”

The day started out with a meeting for the dads and they were then sent to their child’s classroom. While in the class, the dads were encouraged to participate in class discussions.

Brooks said the response from students and parents has been a positive one.

“You wouldn’t think it, but the kids really enjoy having their parents here,” she said. “They are as proud to have their parents here as we are.”

The junior high also hosts a Mom’s Day twice a year and the next one will be Jan. 31.