A large crowd of screaming kids filled the Nicholas P. Sims Library lyceum Wednesday morning to witness the art of juggling with Mark Rachel, known as Marco “The Juggler.”

“This is my first time coming to Waxahachie and I love the small town charm it has,” Rachel said. “I love this little town and the people here are great.”

A Plano resident, Rachel has traveled all over the Metroplex to perform shows but Wednesday, he made his first appearance in this historical city in the presence of many children out of the school for the summer.

Juggling everything from beanbags, machetes, bowling pins, balls, artificial rocks to colorful scarves and even juggling while riding a unicycle, Marco held everyone’s attention from the word, “Go.”

Several kids commented on their favorite act performed by the juggler.

“I liked it when he was riding on the unicycle and juggling at the same time,” said Shelbey Lee, 9, with her 11-year-old brother, Corey, adding, “I enjoyed it when he juggled the knives all at the same time.”

“I liked all the juggling,” said Victoria Williams, 5, with A.J. Keele, 6, adding, “I liked it when he juggled the swords and the bowling pins.”

The program was geared toward the children for laughter and entertainment, and parents said they were pleased with the show as well.

“I just like the fact that the library provides summer programs like this to give the kids something to do while out of school,” parent Twanna Lee said.

“I like the summer programs because it not only gives my kids something to do, it also gives me something to do with them,” Amber Cortez said.

For some, it was their first time to see a juggling show and several said they wouldn’t mind attending another one.

“This is my first time ever attending a juggling show and I would like to come to another one,” said Brent Harris, 5, with his sister Kaytlyn, 4, adding, “This is my first time coming too and it was fun.”

Rachel has been juggling since 1981. He also portrays Dudley the Clown as another one of his many acts.

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