NAME: Judy Burden

Current position: Ellis County Treasurer

Age: 46

City of residence: Waxahachie

Education: Graduated Desoto High School 1982

Professional credentials/certifications/ commendations (relative to office):

Continuing education certificate from V.G. Young Institute of County Government April 14-17, 2008

Public Funds Investment Act (PFIA) April 14-17, 2008

Public Funds Investment Act (PFIA) August 21-22, 2008 UNT

FEMA-ICS Command System 100, 200, 300, 400, 700 and 800 April 2009

Certification Investment Officer 10/4/09-10/10/09

Prior experience (relative to office): Four years banking experience, 11 years customer service TXU Electric and 1 year customer service with Southwest Airlines, two years with Ellis County District Clerk (Billie Fuller) and three years with Attorney Greg Wilhelm

Family: Married to Tommy Burden for 14 years and have our beautiful daughter Shyann Burden, 12.

Hobbies: Riding three-wheelers, motorcycles with my family and quilting with my daughter and friends,

Campaign Web site:

QUESTION 1: In your own words, why are you running for Ellis County Treasurer?

ANSWER: I enjoy working for my community! It is very important to me to do a job that lets me meet and help the taxpayers of Ellis County. My background is filled with clerical, customer service, and banking skills. I take a great amount of pride in helping the taxpayers and welcome those who come into the treasurerís office.

Question 2: In your current term as treasurer, or in your past experience with the treasurerís office, what are some of the improvements or programs that you have been responsible for implementing that resulted in either dollar savings or more efficiency in government?

ANSWER: Implemented procedural manual for the Treasurerís office Ė very important to running the office efficiently with regards to Accounts Payable and Payroll-making sure all necessary bank transfers are made.

Revenues are balanced and deposited daily

Currently working to implement Vendor Direct Pay and Positive Pay Ė more of involved process than most may think Ė working with the bank to get these set up.

QUESTION 3: In your opinion, what makes you the best candidate for the office of Ellis County Treasurer?

ANSWER: First and foremost, Iím honest and hard-working. Second, I go the extra mile. I enjoy serving the people of Ellis County in any way I can. I have the customer service skills and I am a people person. No person is turned away. I do what it takes to help anyone who needs assistance. When I came into this office I had to adjust to obstacles that already existed. Working together with the† assistance of our auditorís office and my deputy treasurer, Lauri Hartley, much has been accomplished.

QUESTION 4: What are some of the goals or enhancements that you would like to implement over the next four years as Ellis County Treasurer?

Answer: Complete what I started-Vendor Direct Pay and Positive Pay.

Research and locate maps for levee districts to enable me to answer questions by our taxpayers. Suggest to commissionerís court we organize an outside committee by our taxpayers (qualified Certified Public Accountants) for checks and balances of our county government. This way, county taxpayers would have a better sense of how we operate.

QUESTION 5: Do you plan on being a full-time treasurer and being involved on a day-to day basis with the operations of the treasurerís office?

Answer: Absolutely, You canít do the job if youíre not involved. Sometimes you are required to be away from the office for training and meetings, but in the age we live in, even when I am called away I have e-mail and my phone to correspond back and forth. I am a hands-on person, so I am involved in every decision made in the treasurerís office. Also, there are times when the office demands overtime and I accept this without any complaints. The job has to be done and it is very important to me that the taxpayers get what they pay for.

Question 6: Over the past eight years, the role of Ellis County Treasurer has been greatly reduced in county government, past duties such as human resources, investments, etcÖ, have been moved to other offices. What role do you see the treasurerís office having in the future of Ellis County Government?

ANSWER: I feel the Treasurerís office should remain intact for necessary checks and balances within the county. There are nine other counties in Texas who do not have a Treasurerís office. Per the response from those Auditors and County Clerks who took over their Treasurerís responsibilities, it was a big mistake to abolish the office of Treasurer.

QUESTION 7: Please describe your background in this community and any previous background, which might be beneficial to the office of Ellis County Treasurer?

ANSWER: I worked for our District Clerk† Billie Fuller. I believe with my past experience and working knowledge in county government I know how important it is that we save every tax dollar.

I also believe that customer service as Iíve mentioned is a very important role in communicating with our taxpayers and co-workers.