Blending courthouses and cuisine, Texas author Dennis Mott has compiled 59 recipes from various officials across the state into his latest work, “Texas Judicial Cookbook.”

The newly released book is described as a “culinary tribute to Texas’ courthouses” and provides a photographic showcase for 28 of the historic structures alongside the recipes.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the architectural beauty of Texas courthouses,” Mott said. “I also have an appreciation for southern food. With ‘Texas Judicial Cookbook, I was able to blend my passions for history and food to honor the state’s culture and history.”

Ellis County Judge Chad Adams was among the contributors to the cookbook, sending in his mother’s recipe for “Gobs,” a sandwich-style cookie featuring a creamed center.

“They taste so good,” Adams said, saying his mom, Alvena, has made the cookies since he was a child. “Even now, when she comes to visit, if she brings ‘gobs,’ they’re gone in just a few minutes. My girls just inhale them.”

Not that the judge himself doesn’t still eat them, as well, with Adams estimating he can easily down a dozen of the treats at a single sitting.

“They’re like a dark brown with a frosting cream in the middle that tastes very, very good,” he said, recommending the recipe to anyone with a sweet tooth to satisfy.

A plus about the cookies is that they can be frozen, not that they last around the Adamses’ house long enough to make it to the freezer.

Adams chuckles when he talks about a copy of the recipe that is well worn and reflective of the number of times it’s been referenced in the cookies’ making. And, yes, Adams himself has taken a turn at making the culinary treat.

As a child, he remembers eating them until he got sick, even eating them still frozen.

“They’re kind of like, when you start, you can’t stop eating them,” he said. “I actually made them when I was a kid.”

The cookies were and are enjoyed across the board by family members, Adams recalls, saying he doesn’t even know if “Gobs” is the name the recipe started with, “but that’s the name they got.”

When Mott called him for a recipe, it was easy for Adams to decide which one to submit.

“This is a pretty strong legacy in the family,” said Adams, who says he’s tickled to see his mom’s recipe now shared across the state.

The recipe for “Gobs” joins a full lineup in the cookbook, which also features Gov. Rick Perry’s “Chuck Wagon Chili” and “Aunt Gene’s Coconut Pie” as well as House Speaker Tom Craddick’s “Rum Cake.”

Included among the entrees are Mitchell County Judge Ray Mayo’s “Cowboy Chow” and Jefferson County Court at Law Judge Al Gerson’s “Quailgerson.”

Dessert submissions in the book include Fayette County Judge Ed Janecka’s “Cream Cheese and Poppy Seed Kolache Rolls” and Glasscock County Judge Wilburn E. Bednar’s “Apple Dumplings,” among others.

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