ITALY – Patrol officers confiscated $40,800 worth of marijuana after a traffic stop this morning on Interstate 35E.

Officers Jason Bentley and Mike Adams were on routine patrol when they pulled over a northbound 2005 Dodge Ram pickup for having its cargo lights on and shining to the rear.

The pickup was traveling in close tandem with a second vehicle, which pulled away and left the area after the traffic stop was made.

The officers spoke with the vehicle occupants, a female driver with a Texas driver’s license and a male passenger with an Argentinian ID, and based on information gathered at the scene asked for and received consent to search.

Adams said he checked the vehicle and found that the windows wouldn’t roll down, discovering a duct-taped package inside the door frame.

The two suspects were taken into custody at the scene without incident and taken to the police station. The officers recovered 22 bricks out of the vehicle’s door panels, weighing 51.06 pounds.

The investigation is ongoing, Police Chief C.V. Johns said, noting the department will look into whether it can confiscate the pickup.

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