ITALY — The Italy Economic Development Corporation spent 40 minutes in executive session to discuss “real property” at its meeting Monday evening. However, the board took no action on the item once they returned to open session.

In other business, the board voted not to renew the current contract with Darryl Ratcliff, grant writer for the IEDC.

Tom Little, member, said they have paid Ratcliff almost $5,000 — $700 per month — and have not received any grants. He suggested they remove the monthly fee from a new contract and pay Ratcliff only when they receive grants.

Teri Murdock, city secretary/administrator, said they pay the city’s grant writer on a performance basis only. She said the grant writer receives about 10 percent of the grant total.

They also wanted inclusion in a new contract that Ratcliff will take care of all paperwork and administration of any grant the IEDC might receive.

The IEDC signed a six-month contract with Ratcliff that expired in August. They renewed the contract for one month in August in order to give them time to work out a new contract.

Elmerine Bell and Randy Boyd were to have met with Ratcliff to discuss his contract but Boyd said, due to illnesses, they have been unable to meet and discuss a contract.

Bell, elected vice-president of the organization, read a letter from Ratcliff explaining that the city did not qualify for a grant from Oncor to assist with the water wells.

The letter said they could qualify for a grant up to $50,000 if a new or existing city building needed lighting or HVAC upgrades.

During financial reports, Murdock said the IEDC received $68,680.51 in sales tax since Oct. 1, 2010. The operating account balance is $1,134.25 and the money market account is $74,860.64.

The board approved the consent agenda – approval of minutes and bills.

Mark Stiles, president, was absent from the meeting.