The renovation of the office space in the existing building of Hope Clinic was the main focus of Wednesday’s meeting of the Waxahachie Planning and Zoning Commission.

Presenting a zoning amendment request was Doug Wuerch of Wuerch Contracting, who is the general contractor for the remodel.

“What we would like to do with the Hope Clinic is to take the existing piece of property that is adjacent from the current building and have it rezoned for future expansion. It has been a real good service to the community and what we are setting up to do are renovations on the existing office space,” Wuerch said.

“What we want to do as we are doing this remodel is to get the land set with the needed zoning for the future,” he said.

During the remodel, a temporary office will be set up on the property next to the clinic for about 75 days. The temporary building will house the administrative offices and still allow the clinic to operate. Once the renovations are completed, the temporary office will be removed.

Members approved the zoning change from single family-two to office.

The final plat of The Oaks at Cedar Glenn, located at 450 N. Oak Branch, was presented to the commission for final approval by Timothy Lyons.

Chairman Jim Cooper inquired as to whether the lots in the subdivision could handle the septic systems to be installed. Cooper also asked if Lyons had gotten a soil sample to see if the ground could handle the dispersement. 

Lyons said the soil tests were conducted and showed the ground was adequate to handle it. He also said that in his 30 years of living on the property he had not experienced a problem.

The measure was approved by the commission.

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