Would you like to save holiday cents just in time for the holidays?

Well, TXU Energy is making saving money possible through its new Holiday Cents program, which is the first holiday energy conservation program in the state of Texas. TXU began promoting the program launched Nov. 1 to help educate consumers on ways to save money. The program will continue throughout the winter holiday season.

“TXU Energy has developed Holiday Cents, which is a one-of-a-kind program designed to educate consumers on ways to conserve energy during the winter holiday season, and therefore reduce the costs of the monthly electric bills,” said TXU communication coordinator Lacy Walker explained, saying there are several reasons this program is an effective one.

“Holiday Cents is an effective initiative because it educates consumers on ways to deck the halls this holiday season without breaking the bank,” she said. “Through this program, TXU offers ways consumers can save energy and money but still keep the holidays merry and bright.”

According to a press release, during the holiday season, families cook larger meals more often and there are a few simple ways to save electricity in the kitchen including:

choosing glass or ceramic pans for the oven using slow cookers cooking outdoors

Some energy saving decorating tips include:

decorating with LEDS (Light Emitting Diodes), which are more energy efficient options and last up to 100,000 hours using mirrors and tinsel around indoor lights to heighten their effect considering non-electric decorations like wreaths, garlands, fresh flowers, topiaries, battery-operated candles, ribbons, ornaments and ceramic displays

Some tips to help stay warm during the winter include:

using ceiling fans, which will push warm air away from the ceiling and move it aroud the room without creating a cool breeze installing weather stripping: sealing air leaks with caulking and weather stripping and installing adequate insulation in walls and the attic checking the water heater and keeping it set at 120 degrees

“Each of the tips are easy enough for most people to do by themselves at home and are either no-cost or low-cost for consumers,” Walker said. “This program can help anyone reduce electricity consumption and therefore reduce the costs of electric bills during the winter holiday season. The Holiday Cents tips are simple and low-cost and can really save consumers some money.”

“During the holiday season, consumers tend to experience an increase in their monthly electricity consumption and according to the Office of Public Utility Counsel of Texas, heating can result in approximately 55 percent of electricity use,” she continued. “ As a result in the dramatic changes in temperature, consumers use more heat to stay warm during the winter holiday season. Families also tend to cook larger meals more frequently, and approximately 12 percent of electricity is consumed in the kitchen. Consumers may also experience an increase in their electricity bill as a result of holiday lighting and decorating.”

TXU Energy intends to partner with local neighborhood organizations, community businesses and social service groups to host events in ways of reaching out into the community and educate consumers on energy conservation.

“To date, we have partnered with the Salvation Army in Odessa, Sheltering Arms in Houston, PATH in Tyler, Nueces County Welfare in Corpus Christi, Navidad in the Neighborhood in Dallas, among many others,” Walker explained. “Community relations managers are also promoting the program by handling out thousands of energy conservation giveaways, like LED night lights and compact fluorescent light bulbs, and passing out Holiday Cents tips.

“Thanks to TXU Energy, consumers no longer have to pull the plug on holiday celebrations to conserve energy and money during this festive season,” she said.

For more information, contact Walker at 214-875-8046 or e-mail Lacy.walker@energyfutureholdings.com

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